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Benefits of Drinking Fruit & Vegetable Juice

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Juice is a liquid that is naturally contained in fruit and vegetables. There are many kinds of juice such as orange juice, tomato juice, celery juice, grape juice, lemon juice, carrot juice, strawberry juice, cherry juice, apple juice, water melon juice, etc. Fruit and vegetables should be washed, shred or cut before extracting their juice.
Juice Processing Equipment
Juice processing equipment mainly consists of Water Treatment System, Fruit Washing Machine, Fruit Sorter, Pulping Machine, Spiral Juice Extractor, Duplex Filter, Mixing Tank, High Pressure Homogenizer, Vacuum Degasser, UHT Sterilizer, Hot Filling Machine, Packaging System, and CIP Cleaning System.

Benefits of Drinking Fruit&Vegetable Juice
Drinking fruit and vegetable juice is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy and strong. The health benefits of juicing are immense for adults and children.
Rinds and fibers of fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamins. Fruit juice increase the quantity of urine through which all toxic elements of the body are thrown out. Vegetable juices can produce new cells in place of those that have been destroyed owing to a disease. The best time for taking fruit juices is the first half of the day, while vegetable juice can be taken at any time of the day.
Certain juices, such as orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice, carrot juice, and tomato juice, are high in vitamin C, which helps whiten skin and enhances its natural beauty, also aids in joint flexibility and maintenance of healthy hair. Juices that contain calcium may be able to help lower blood pressure, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and prevent osteoporosis.

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