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Bottled Tea Drinks Market

Tea is the world’s most widely drunk beverage. There was simply no other way to keep a natural product on a store shelf for too long, especially in the heat of summer. Tea is quickly oxidized and become undrinkable. Therefore, bottled tea drink appears with normal extended shelf life of 12 months. Bottled tea drink is the sub group of soft drinks, and it is healthful because it contains polyphenols and other antioxidants that may help ward off a range of diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and other maladies.

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Tea Drinks Processing Equipment
The processing machines for tea drinks mainly include Water Treatment System, Extracting Tank, Mixing Tank, Water-powder Mixer, Emulsion Tank, Vacuum Degasser, UHT Sterilizer, Hot Filling Machine, CIP System, Automatic Bottle Tilting Machine, Continuous Spraying Sterilizer, and Packaging System.

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Market of Bottled Tea Drinks
There are many kinds of tea drinks: black tea, green tea, white tea; also many flavors: jasmine, lemonade, raspberry, apple, and strawberry, etc. Bottled tea drinks are widely gaining popularity due to fast and busy lifestyle. More and more consumers tend to choose bottled tea drinks due to wider awareness about the health benefits of drinking tea like antioxidant properties, rising population with busy lifestyles, and increase in disposable income.The market for bottled tea drinks is growing fast. Various types of bottled tea drinks are introduced in the market to serve the wide health conscious consumers who prefer antioxidant property of bottled tea. Bottled tea drinks as recreational products have proved beneficial in attracting young people.