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UHT Sterilization for Various Liquid Products

UHT Sterilization
UHT sterilization is the sterilization of food by heating it for an extremely short period, around 1—4 seconds, at a temperature between 135°C to 150°C. It sterilizes by using heat exchange or direct steam heating and then cools rapidly. The UHT sterilization is with high sterilization efficiency, and can better preserve the product, while preserving nutritional value and ensuring maximum security with very little impact on original taste and flavor.

UHT Sterilization Principle
The sensitivity of microbes to high temperature is greater than most foods, so adopt UHT sterilization can kill microbes efficiently within a short time and maintain the food quality. According to the thermal death theory of microbe, when microbes are in high temperature environment that exceeding their heat-resistance temperature, they will suffer fatal harm. The cause for heating urges the death of microbes is the high temperature generates the irreversible change of protein, then some globulins can't be dissolved and the enzymes lose power, thus cause the loss of metabolism ability.


UHT Sterilization Time and Temperature
From the microbe killing point of view, the more intense thermal process intensity the better, the longer time the better. But intense thermal process will cause bad effects to the food appearance, flavor and trophic value. So we must consider both the microbes and food quality when choose the suitable combination of time and temperature, which can achieve the best effect.
Products Processed with UHT Sterilization
Liquid products — milk, concentrated milk, flavored milk beverage, yogurt, whey beverage, cream, protein beverage, wine, salad dressings, fruit juice and tea beverage.
Foods — baby foods, tomato products, soups and stews.



Advantages of UHT Sterilization
◆High nutrition and sensory quality: UHT can break the needless ingredient of the food, improve the availability of nutrient, increase the protein digestibility and improve the product sensory quality.
◆High quality: The valves are higher for quality factors than microorganisms. The reduction in process time due to higher temperature and the minimal come-up and cool-down time leads to a higher quality product.
◆Long shelf life: Greater than 6 months, without refrigeration, can be expected.
◆Cheaper packaging: Both cost of package and storage and transportation costs; laminated packaging allows for use of extensive graphics.

UHT Sterilizers
Common UHT sterilizers are tube UHT aseptic sterilizer units and plate UHT sterilizers.