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CIP Cleaning System

CIP Cleaning System
CIP (Clean-in-Place) is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings, without disassembly. It cleans equipment automatically with a high standard to ensure stringent hygiene regulations are maintained. Systems are designed to clean 100% of the machines interior by removing food solids and bacteria.
Types of CIP Systems
There are two main types of CIP systems:
1. Single use: These do not reuse the cleaning solution and are often limited to small systems (i.e. servicing one or two pieces of equipment and associated pipework). Typically used for heavily soiled or critical hygiene processes.
2. Re-use: If the equipment being washed does not tend to be heavily soiled, the cleaning solution is re-used by adding more chemical concentrate as required.

intergral cip cleaning system

split cip cleaning unit

Fundamental Cleaning Procedure
The following is a typical procedure used when cleaning food processing equipment. The factors that influence cleaning (time, temperature, chemical concentration and mechanical force) and the food soils to be removed will ultimately determine the cleaning procedures selected for use.
1) Pre-Rinse: Soiled equipment surfaces are rinsed with warm water to remove the loose food soils and pre-heat the stainless steel pipework.
2) Cleaning Cycle: Removal of residual food soils from equipment surfaces through manipulation of the four basic factors (above) and the method of cleaning. Typically alkaline chemical solutions are used for the cleaning cycle.
3) Rinse: Rinsing of all surfaces with cold to hot water, depending on the temperature of the cleaning cycle, to thoroughly remove all remaining chemical solution and food soils residues.
4) Acid Rinse: A mild acid rinse may be used to neutralize any alkaline residues that remain.
5) Sanitize: All equipment surfaces are rinsed or flooded with a sanitizing agent.
CIP Cleaning System Benefits
1. Reduction of cleaning time
2. Chemical handling reduction
3. Simple and safe operation
4. Environmental issues and legislation
5. Maintain certain cleaning effect, ensure the product security
6. Save operation time, improve the efficiency
7. Save cleaning water and steam
CIP Cleaning Series
There are three types of CIP cleaning series:
1. Integral type CIP cleaning series: Most procedures are operated by manual, low equipment funds investment, suitable for small-scale industrial enterprises.
2. Split type CIP cleaning series: Semi-automatic, higher equipment funds investment, suitable for various industrial enterprises.
3. Block type CIP cleaning series: Full-automatic, large equipment funds investment, suitable for large-scale industrial enterprises.