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Barrel Filling Machine

Barrel Filling Machine Introduction
QGF series barrel filling machine is a kind of 3-in-1 unit barreled water filling machine for manufacturing drinking water like pure water, distilled water and mineral water etc. It integrates rinsing, filling and capping into one body. It is the ideal filling machine for water processing factories.
Barrel Filling Machine Configuration
This machine adopts many new technologies, such as pneumatic drive, fully enclosed pressure filling method, and liquid surface detection, etc. The PLC system is utilized to control the operation and detection so that the barrel filling machine is more sanitary, safer and more stable.

barrel filling machine


Barrel Filling Machine Characters
●Compact structure, convenient operation
●Stable performance, high automation degree
●High positioning accuracy and high efficiency
The QGF series barrel filling machine should adopt alkali liquid rinsing, disinfectant liquid cleaning and pure water cleaning to ensure a better cleaning effect.

barreled water


Barrel Filling Machine Technical Features
1. It integrates rinsing, filling and capping into one body;
2. The adoption of high quality stainless steel makes this barrel filling machine easy to clean as well as corrosion resisting;
3. The main electrical components are SIEMENS products, and pneumatic system adopts AIRTAC products; 
4. The adoption of enclosed operation during the whole production process not only ensures that the whole rinsing filling process meets relevant standards and regulations of the state health departments, but also effectively protects potable drinking water from secondary contamination when filling.


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