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Bottle Unscrambler & Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Bottle Unscrambler Introduction
Bottle unscrambler is used for unscrambling disordered polyester bottles. It can arrange the bottles in an orderly line and convey them to another machine for next process (filling, labeling or packing) through the vacuum conveyor belt. Thus it can improve the production efficiency of the whole production line.
Bottle Unscrambler Features
1. Controlled by PLC procedure, digital readout of unscrambling bottle speed
2. Storage tank of high-capacity, which can avoid starving
3. Easy to operate, clean and maintain
4. Run automatically at high speed, easy to connect with various filling machine or filling line

bottle unscrambler machine



Bottle Unscrambler Application
It is suitable for automatic arraying and conveying of various PET bottles including round bottle, square bottle and irregular bottle. It can be widely used in pharmacy, chemical, food and beverage industries.
You should clean the bottle unscrambler before and after processing to avoid pollution.
Bottle Unscrambler Technical Parameter

Model Capacity Volume Weight Size
ZL-200 12000(600ml) bottles/h 600-1800ml 3000kg 2020*2300*2700 mm

Automatic Bottle Blow Molding Machine Introduction
The automatic bottle blow molding machine can be used for molding pure water PET bottle, mineral water PET bottle and various heat-resisting bottles. It is the ideal bottle molding machine for large- and mid- scale beverage factories.

PET Bottle Introduction
PET bottles have good transparency, glossiness and gas barrier property, fit the food safety standard. They can be recycled. PET bottles are mainly used for packing carbonated beverage, fruit juice, mineral water, edible oil and seasoning etc.
Automatic Bottle Blow Molding Machine Features
1. Reasonable structure, cover little space
2. Full automatic control, save power and labor
3. Adopt high quality components, meet the food hygienic standard
4. Fully automatic process with low investment, high efficiency, quick and safe operation.


Bottle Blow Molding Machine


Bottle Blow Molding Process
Preform feeding → Preform heating → Mechanical stretching → blowing → Bottle outfeed
Automatic Bottle Blow Molding Machine Technical Parameter

Model Production Capacity Bottle Diameter Bottle Height Power
20SC 1800-2000bottles/hr ≤134mm ≤350mm    58.12kw


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