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Case Packer Machine

The case packer is packaging equipment used to fill a case with products. It places products into the cases with certain arrange pattern and fix quantity, then close and seal the open parts. All the actions are completed automatically. The case packer is equipped to run top load, side load and wrap around style cases.
Case Packer Features and Benefits
●It can place the products according to the packing requirement.
●Excellent design and compact structure can improve the packing speed.
●Widely used for case packing of various jars, cans and bottles.

case packing machine


●It can move conveniently, which is suitable to equip with the whole packing line.
●Adopt touch screen operation and man-machine interface, easy to operate, run smoothly.
●The machine is made of aluminum extrusion, which is attractive and durable.
Case Packer Types
◆Top load case packer / Vertical case packer
If you need a great solution for handling fragile products, or you need to pack an entire row at a time, a layer at a time, or the entire case being packed, you can choose top load case packer. It is capable of packing a large selection of products for most industries.
◆Side load case packer / Horizontal case packer
This type case packer is packing the products into the case while it is on its side. This provides many options for your application. This type works great with all shapes of products, especially circle shaped.
◆Wrap around case packer
Does your case packing require gentle product handling? The wrap around case packer can meet your need, for it is designed to meet every client’s requirements. It can handle products of all shapes and sizes. 

case packing equipment

case packer


The Automatic Case Packing System
A complete automatic case packing system has three components: the case erector, the case packer and the case closer/sealer. The case erector opens and bottom seals a regular slotted case or tray, the case packer picks and places the products into the erected box or tray, the case closer takes control of the minor and major flaps of the box and then shuts and seals the box prior to discharging it downstream.
Case Packer Technical Parameter

Conveying Height Feeding Height Packing Speed Max Case Specification Min Case Specification Dimension Weight
530mm 1200mm 15-18/min 560*400*400mm 200*150*100mm 3610*1655*2845mm 1000kg


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