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Gable Paper Box Packing Machine

Gable paper box packing machine is specially designed for molding, filling and sealing gable paper box . It is applicable for filling various liquid foods including milk, yogurt, fresh oil and fruit juice. It can also fill high viscosity, granular or solid food combined with the options. The new capping machine could be added to this packing machine directly to weld various plastic caps onto the preserved opening on the gable box by ultrasonic technique.

Gable Paper Box Packing Machine Features
1. Easy to operate, low maintenance cost
2. Different box specification can be changed quickly
3. High filling precision with fine adjustment device
4. Compact design, less space required
5. Low noise and energy consumption
6. PLC control, easy operation, convenient and flexible
7. Adjustable processing speed, filling volume and box height, high adaptability

gable paper box packing machine



Gable Paper Box Packing Machine Structure
1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel
2. Mechanical driving system, automatic loading and unloading
3. Touch screen PLC controller
4. Electronic self-lock door switch
5. Top and bottom heater
6. Liquid cooling bar and sealing clamp
7. Foam removing motor and vacuum generator

Gable Paper Box Packing Machine Optional Device
1. Automatic lubrication system
2. HEPA air filter
3. Power supply system
4. Capping machine
5. Independent CIP cleaning device
6. Filling system


Gable Paper Box Packing Machine Application
Both automatic gable paper box packing machine and semi-auto gable paper box packing machine can be used for the automatic box style packing of liquid products including milk, bean milk, peanut milk, fruit milk and beverage etc. They are widely used in dairy product and beverage plants. The plants can choose suitable gable paper box packing machine according to the plant scale and other factors.


milk packed by gable paper box packing machine

pure milk


Gable Paper Box Packing Machine Technical Parameter

Model WDB-1000 WDB-2000 WDB-3000
Production Rate 1000box/hr for 250,500ml
500box/hr for 1000ml
2000box/hr for 250,500ml
1000box/hr for 1000ml
3000box/hr for 250,500ml
1500box/hr for 1000ml
Power 12.5kw 14.5kw 18.5kw
Weight 3500*1500*2800mm 3500*1500*2800mm 3500*1500*2800mm
Dimension 2440kg 2450kg 2460kg


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