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Liquid Packing Machine Introduction
Both full closed liquid packing machine and aseptic pouch packing machine can automatically complete all the processing including bag-making, filling, sealing, date printing, counting and sterilizing in a linear way. The full closed liquid packing machine adopts ultraviolet sterilization, and the aseptic pouch packing machine adopts hydrogen peroxide sterilization.
Full Closed Liquid Packing Machine Features
●Adopt photoelectric tracking and mechanical film, this machine can choose or switch conveniently
●The whole machine is designed with enclosed structure, which can avoid pollution and ensure healthful food.
●High productivity and easy operation.
●Equip with CIP cleaning pipeline and port for easy cleaning.

liquid filling machine


milk packed by liquid filling machine

Aseptic Pouch Packing Machine Features
◆Equip with human-machine interface and PLC, which is easy for operation.
◆Adopt constant liquid level control system to ensure high filling accuracy .
◆Adopt constant temperature heating, which can achieve stable heat-seal quality.
◆No need to use lubricating oil, which can avoid the pollution of components, films and liquid materials.
◆The film can stop dynamically for long distance and time, so it can assure sufficient hydrogen peroxide sterilization and stoving.
◆It can complete films docking with no downtime.



Liquid Packing Machine Application
Both full closed liquid packing machine and aseptic pouch packing machine can be used for the automatic pouch style packing of liquid products including milk, bean milk, peanut milk, fruit milk and beverage etc. They are widely used in dairy product and beverage plants.



Liquid Packing Machine
Model    YTB-3000,6000
Capacity    3000,6000pouches/hr
Packing Volume    100—500ml
Filling Precision    ±2%
Power    380V/50hz, 220V/60hz
Size    1250*820*2500(mm)

Aseptic Pouch Packing Machine
Model    WJB-2500,6000
Film Width    240mm,320mm
Capacity    2500,6000pouches/hr
Filling Volume    200—500ml
Power     10kw
Hydrogen Consumption    100pouches/0.5L
Size    1000*1000*2600(mm)


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