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Integral CIP Cleaning

Integral CIP Cleaning System
CIP (cleaning in-place) is the commonly used method of cleaning in food processing industries. During the CIP process, cleaning and disinfecting solutions are circulated through the circuit to clean the production and filling systems without dismantling them. CIP cleaning minimizes the risk of contamination and cross-contamination, and therefore ensures that food is safe at all times. The integral CIP cleaning system is more suitable to the small dairy product and beverage plants.

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Integral CIP Cleaning System Operation Characteristics
●The heating of cleaning fluid is achieved by human operation;
●When the cleaning fluid concentration is not up to the cleaning concentration, the operator should add concentrated acid or concentrated alkaline in the acid liquor tank or the alkaline liquor tank;
●When cleaning, the transport of CIP fluid is processed by the operator operates relevant pipeline valve;
●If the tank is short of water, the operator adds water in it.

The Successful CIP Cleaning Depends on
1. Proper temperature
2. Sufficient circulation time
3. Proper concentration
4. Contact with all surfaces
5. Sufficient velocity of solution

Integral CIP Cleaning System Advantages
●Simple design, easy to operate and maintain
●Less investment of equipment funding
●It doesn’t require high professional knowledge for the operators, just need proper training


CIP Cleaning System Structure
CIP cleaning system is consisted of acid liquor tank, alkaline liquor tank, hot water tank, pure water tank, backwater tank, sterilizing water tank, concentrated acid tank, concentrated alkaline tank, heat exchanger, supply pump, valves and pipe fittings etc. In common situations, the acid liquor, alkaline liquor tank and hot water tank can satisfy the requirement.

Integral CIP Cleaning System Application
The majority of CIP cleaning is done in dairy plants, fluid milk plants, ice cream plants and condensing operations. Much of the technology developed for this industry has been applied very successfully to other industries such as the soft drink, food and pharmaceutical industries. Any closed vessel (tanker, tank, vat, chamber, hopper or bin) can be CIP cleaned. Also, any closed circuit, including piping, pumps, valves and plate heat exchangers can be cleaned in place.




Integral CIP Cleaning System Technical Parameters

Model SCIP-0.5 SCIP-0.8 SCIP-1
Acid Tank 500L 800L 1000L
Alkaline Tank 500L 800L 1000L
Water Tank 300L 500L 600L
Pump Flow 10m3/h 10m3/h 10m3/h
Pump Lift 36m 36m 36m
Pump Power 3kw 3kw 3kw
Dimension 2900*1000*1700 mm 3000*1200*1850 mm 3200*1400*2000 mm
Weight 350kg 420kg 480kg


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