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Concentrator Tank

Energy-saving Concentrators
Energy-saving concentrator makes use of heating to evaporate the solvent so that the density of the solution is increased. The energy-saving concentrator is equipped with condenser, and almost all the vapor becomes liquid when going through condenser, thus it is easy for recycle of the vapor. The concentrator adopts natural cycle of outside heating, fast evaporation speed and large concentration proportion. There are three kinds of energy-saving concentrator: single-effect concentrator, dual-effect concentrator, triple-effect concentrator.

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Vacuum Concentrating Tank
Vacuum concentration is the process of causing the pressure in a liquid-filled container to be reduced below the vapor pressure of the liquid, causing the liquid to evaporate at a lower temperature than normal. It is generally used to describe the boiling of water by lowering the container's internal pressure below standard atmospheric pressure and causing the water to boil at room temperature. The vacuum concentrating tank is mainly composed of concentration can, condenser, gas-liquid separator, cooler and liquid receiving barrel.

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Ball Type Concentrating Tank
The ball type concentrating tank consists of concentration can, condenser, gas-liquid separator and receiving barrel. The parts contacting materials are made of stainless steel, meeting the GMP standards. The concentrating tank adopts negative pressure evaporation, which shortens the concentration time and avoids the destruction to effective components inside the thermal sensitive material.
Vacuum Concentrating Tank Technical Parameter

Model ZN-50 ZN-100 ZN-200 ZN-300 ZN-500 ZN-700 ZN-1000
Volume 50L 100L 200L 300L 500L 700L 1000L
Heating area 0.25㎡ 0.59㎡ 0.8㎡ 1.1㎡ 1.45㎡ 1.8㎡ 2.2㎡
Frozen area 1.2㎡ 1.7㎡ 2.4㎡ 3.0㎡ 3.3㎡ 3.6㎡ 4.1㎡
Cooling area 0.29㎡ 0.35㎡ 0.45㎡ 0.6㎡ 0.7㎡ 0.85㎡ 1.05㎡
Dimension 1200×600×2200mm 1350×750×2200mm 1700×800×2700mm 1700×1000×3400mm 2100×1200×3400mm 2400×1300×3400mm 2390×1300×3720mm

Ball Type Concentration Tank Technical Parameter

QN-300 QN-500 QN-700 QN-1000
Evaporating capacity 70kg/h 120kg/h 145kg/h 195kg/h
Volume 300L 500L 700L 1000L
Heating area 1.3㎡ 1.6㎡ 2㎡ 2.8㎡
Frozen area 2.4㎡ 3㎡ 3.5㎡ 4㎡
Dimension 1900×1100×2300mm 2030×1200×2500mm 2100×1300×2600mm 2335×1520×2765mm


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