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Multifunctional Extraction Tank

Extraction Tank
Extraction tank is mainly used for extracting tea or medicinal materials with medium of water or organic menstruum. We mainly provide three types of extraction equipments: multifunctional extraction tank, extraction tank and FVQ extraction tank.

Multifunctional Extraction Tank
1. Features
●Inverted cone structure design is convenient for discharging materials, thus can save labor force. Also the design can enhance extraction efficiency.
●Adopt outside heating system to heat the extracted clear liquid, which can avoid the material coking phenomenon and guarantee the quality of extracted liquid.
●When churn the materials may create gelatinization by using the traditional extraction tank. Choose the multifunctional extraction tank can avoid the phenomenon, for it adopts external circulation extraction.
●This extraction tank and extraction system is widely used; they can satisfy most extraction of solid and liquid.


multifunctonal tea extraction tank

2. Structure
The multifunctional extraction tank is equipped with CIP cleaning automatic rotary spraying ball, thermometer, pressure indicator, explosion-proof inspection lamp and sight glass etc. All these are meeting GMP standard.
3. Application
This extraction tank is suitable for pharmacy, bioengineering, beverage, food and chemical engineering industry. It has especial better effect by using dynamic extraction or countercurrent extraction — using less time and with high liquid medicine content.



Extraction Tank
1. This extraction tank is made of SUS304-2B stainless steel.
1. The top half of this extraction tank is straight cylinder type, and bottom half is cone type. With big diameter and short length, the mixer shaft is shorter than common extraction tanks, thus the machine can work more stable and safe.
2. Slagging gate adopts pneumatic on and off system, it is safe, clean, steady and can lower breakdown cost.
3. Feeding gate adopts manual fast-open structure, simple, convenient and safe.
4. This extraction tank can be used for extracting all kinds of tea and Chinese herbal medicine.

extraction tank


FVQ Extraction Tank
FVQ extraction tank can be used for extracting tea leaves and other plants’ leaves with menstruum of water. It is of straight cylinder type. With simple structure, it requires little ground area and is easy to operate.

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