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Flash Evaporator Application
Flash evaporator is mainly used in the pretreatment of liquid milk production, also can be used to purify liquids and to desalinate water in the creation of biofuels. Flash evaporator is also applied in food, beverage, dairy, fruit juice and chemical industries, etc.

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What Is Flash Evaporation?
Flash evaporation is a process by which some of a saturated liquid instantly boils or flashes after it has been heated and sent through a chamber that has reduced pressure below the liquid’s vapor pressure. It is the reduction in pressure that results in some of the liquid
vaporizing.Flash Evaporator Features

1. Using instant vacuum evaporation can concentrate liquid milk without damaging nutritional components of raw milk, which increases the dry content and keeps the original flavor.
2. Flash evaporator needs to be marched with other heating or sterilizing machines.
3. Sturdy construction and low maintenance cost.

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Flash Evaporator Technical Parameter

Model Capacity Evaporation volume Power Dimension Weight
SZZ-5 5000L/h 400kg/h 13kw 2500*860*3150mm 900kg
SZZ-10 10000L/h 800 kg/h 16.5kw 2800*1060*3600mm 1100kg
SZZ-15 15000 L/h 1200 kg/h 21kw 3500*1500*400mm 1500kg
SZZ-20 20000 L/h 1600 kg/h 26.5kw 3800*1800*4200mm 2000kg


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