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DYJ Belt Filter Press

DYJ Belt Filter Press Introduction
DYJ belt filter press is an efficient juicing device. It is the key equipment that concerns the juice yield in juice and vegetable juice manufacturing process. It can be widely used in juicing industry. The juice yield can reach 75%—80% (which decided by the raw materials), reduce the cost of production and enhance the economic benefit.

belt filter press


juice processed by belt filter press

DYJ Belt Filter Press Features
●Energy saving and with high automaticity
●Feed and discharge materials automatically
●Complete filter pressing, high juice yield
●Continuous working, great generality
●Convenient operating and maintenance
DYJ Belt Filter Press Application

●To squeeze juice of fruit or vegetables
●Used for solid-liquid separation process in feed and alcohol industry
●Applied in industry sewage treatment
●Desalting water of hot pickled mustard tuber


DYJ Belt Filter Press Structure

DYJ belt filter press mainly consists of rack, driving shaft, driven shaft, filtering belt, feed component, cleaning component, compression roller group and pressure boost device etc.
DYJ Belt Filter Press Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Total Power Dimension Belt Size
DYJ-3 3t/h 21.37kw 4000*1800*2505 mm 11800*800 mm
DYJ-5 5t/h 21.37kw 4000*2000*2505 mm 11800*1200 mm
DYJ-10 10t/h 22.37kw 5000*2500*2505 mm 14320*1750 mm
DYJ-15 15t/h 39.87kw 5400*2880*2505 mm 17000*2000 mm
DYJ-20 20t/h 39.87kw 5400*3380*2505 mm 17000*2500 mm


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