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Emulsion Tank Series

Emulsion tanks are widely used in dairy product, beverage and food industry, which are the advanced mixing equipments. They are especially suitable for the mixing of sugar, starch, milk powder and egg powder products with emulsifier, stabilizing agent and thickening agent. And usually used in production processing lines of formula milk, yogurt, beverage and ice creams etc.

square emulsion tank


Emulsion Tank Features
1. Compact structure and light weight.
2. Easy operation, low noise and reliable performance.
3. High production efficiency and convenient cleaning.
4. Adopt R-arc transition design to ensure no dead angle.


cylinder emulsion tank


Emulsion Tank Structure and Working Principle
Square Emulsion Tank
The equipment is to mix the materials efficiently under physical forces of mixing, squeezing and shearing due to the high speed rotation impeller in the bottom. The seal structure of bottom stirring has updated, which prolongs the working life of mechanical seal and bearings.
Cylinder Emulsion Tank
The cylinder emulsion tank doesn’t grind materials in processing, and integrates high speed shear, mix, scatter and homogeneity. The shear head adopts claw type and two-way absorption structure, which can prevent the dead angles and whirlpool phenomenon caused by the upper materials absorbing difficultly. High speed rotary rotor produces powerful shear force, which enhances the shear rate. Affected by the centrifugal force generated by rotor, the materials are threw into the gap between stator and rotor; meanwhile affected by the centrifugal extrusion and strike, the materials scatter, mix and emulsify adequately.

emulsion tank



Cylinder Emulsion Tank Technical Parameter

Effective Volume Dimension Total Height Heat Preservation Layer Power Blending Speed
1000L 1060mm*1220mm 2950mm 60mm 7.5kw 1750r/min
2000L 1340mm*1500mm 3400mm 60mm 11kw 1750r/min
3000L 1410mm*2000mm 3900mm 60mm 15kw 1750r/min
4000L 1620mm*2000mm 4030mm 60mm 18.5kw 1750r/min
5000L 1810mm*2000mm 4130mm 60mm 22kw 1750r/min

Square Emulsion Tank Technical Parameter

Effective Volume Internal Tank Length Internal Tank Width Internal Tank Height Total Height Heat Preservation Layer  Power Speed
400L 900mm 900mm 550mm 1700mm 50mm 7.5kw 1460r/min
600L 1000mm 1000mm 650mm 1850mm 50mm 11kw 1460r/min
800L 1050mm 1050mm 750mm 1950mm 50mm 15kw 1460r/min
1000L 1150mm 1150mm 750mm 2000mm 50mm 15kw 1460r/min


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