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What Is Homogenization?
When milk has not been subjected to homogenization, the creamy fat globules in milk normally separate from the water and slowly rise to the top of the milk. Homogenization refers to the process that breaks the fat globules into smaller sizes so they no longer separate out, allowing the sale of non-separating milk at any fat specification.

milk homogenizer


Milk Homogenizer Application
The milk homogenizer is mainly used for milk homogenization, stabilizing milk for a smoother mouthfeel and flavor, and it also can be used for the subdivision and dispersion of particles or droplets into micron sizes in industrial and chemical industries. Milk homogenizer is widely applicable in food, dairy, beverage, medicine, bioengineering, fine chemical industries, etc.


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Milk Homogenizer Characteristics
1. Materials to be homogenized need preheating before homogenizing.
2. Homogenized under high pressure to make the fat globules in the milk significantly refined, thus the homogenized milk has smooth mouthfeel.
3. Smashing granularity is between 0.1 micron to 0.2 micron, and their average size≤1 micron.
4. Parts contacting materials are made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, and durable for use.



Milk Homogenizer Technical Parameter

Model Pressure  Inlet diameter Outlet diameter Motor power Dimension Weight
GJB-1-25 25Mpa 25mm 15mm 7.5kw 1050*680*1110mm 600kg
GJB-2-25 25Mpa 40mm 15mm 15kw 1150*930*1270mm 1000kg
GJB-3-25 25Mpa 50mm 25mm 20kw 1250*1000*1350mm 1300kg
GJB-4-25 25Mpa 50mm 25mm 23kw 1300*1160*1500mm 1400kg
GJB-5-25 25Mpa 50mm 25mm 25kw 1400*1250*1600mm 1500kg
GJB-1-40 40Mpa 25mm 15mm 15kw 1050*680*1110mm 1100kg
GJB-2-40 40Mpa 25mm 15mm 22kw 1150*820*1180mm    1400kg
GJB-3-40 40Mpa 40mm 25mm 30kw 1250*1150*1500mm 1700kg
GJB-4-40 40Mpa 50mm 25mm 40kw 1300*1260*1600mm 2000kg
GJB-5-40 40Mpa 50mm 25mm 50kw 1400*1360*1700mm 2300kg
GJB-1-60 60Mpa 50mm 25mm 22kw 1300*1060*1350mm 1200kg
GJB-2-60 60Mpa 50mm 25mm 38kw 1400*1160*1450mm 1500kg
GJB-3-60 60Mpa 50mm 25mm 48kw 1500*1260*1550mm 1800kg
GJB-5-60 60Mpa 50mm 25mm 68kw 1600*1360*1650mm 2100kg


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