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Milk Separator

Milk Separator Introduction
Milk separator separates milk into cream and skimmed milk. Low-fat cream can be immediately used for food, while the cream, of which fat content is 30-40%, is used to get butter. The milk separator is used in milk clarification, hot milk separation, whey clarification, cold milk separation and whey separation, etc.
Milk Separator Application
This kind of milk separator is one of the most precision equipment in milk production plant. The milk separator is ideal equipment for producing cream in milk processing factories, live stock farm and food industry, etc. It can widely used in decontamination and clarification of milk, oil, chemical liquid and medicines, etc.

milk seperator


icecream cake

milk cream processed by milk seperator


Milk Separator Characteristics
1. The milk separator has got high capacity and efficiency.
2. Small motor power, low consumption of electricity.
3. Stable and automatic working, having low noise.
4. Parts contacting with materials are made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and durable for use.



Milk Separator Technical Parameter

 Capacity Separating flakes Separating speed Motor power Dimension Weight
1000~5000L/h 47±2 6650r/h 1.5kw    


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