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Steam Jacketed Kettle

Steam Jacketed Kettle Introduction
A steam jacketed kettle is similar to a double boiler and cooks large quantities of food by using steam heat. It is designed with both an inner and outer steel wall that cooks the contents inside by releasing steam into the space between the walls. These devices are widely used in many food processing industries. Also they can be used in restaurants and industrial kitchens, where very large amounts of food are prepared daily. This kind of kettle can cook large amounts of stew, pasta, cook dessert, or reheat various foods.

Steam Jacketed Kettle Features
1. Large heating surface area, high heat efficiency, uniform heating
2. Rapid heat transfer and easily controlled heat temperature
3. Convenient operation, safe and reliable
4. kettle is made of acid-proof and heat-resistant stainless steel
Steam Jacketed Kettle Structure
A steam jacketed kettle can be stationary or tilting. The stationary steam jacketed kettle mainly consists of kettle and arm braces. The tilting steam jacketed kettle mainly consists of kettle and tilting frame. The kettle is designed with inner and outer steel walls, heating by releasing steam into the interlining space.

steam jacketd kettle


Steam Jacketed Kettle Application
●Chili, bean, stew and pasta recipes all cook well in large quantities in a steam jacketed kettle.
●Soups are a natural candidate for steam jacketed kettle cooking.
●Steam jacketed kettles can also be used for making large amounts of sauce, either for immediate service or for processing and canning. Gravies, wine sauces, cream sauces and tomato sauces are all appropriate for this type of cooking.
●Puddings, custards, chocolates, jams and jellies can also be made in steam jacketed kettles.




1. Using steam pressure, can’t surpass the fixed working pressure for long time;
2. You should open the inlet valve slowly until it reach the needed pressure ;
3. Check the safety valve and adjust according to the directions for your particular kettle;
4. In the use process, you should notice the change of steam pressure, and adjust it by using inlet valve;
5. When stop adding steam, you should open the stopcock at the bottom of the kettle to let out the residual water.

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