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Passion Fruit Pulp Processing Line

passion fruit pulp

Passion fruit pulp is manufactured from freshly harvested passion fruits. Ripened purple passion fruit or yellow colored passion fruit is processed in a pulping machine where this deliciously aromatic flavored, thick textured fresh passion fruit pulp is filled directly into containers and packed without any additives. No sugar, water or preservatives are added in passion fruit pulp. 


Passion Fruit Pulp Processing Flowchart

passion fruit pulp processing line

Passion Fruit Pulp Process System
Fruit ConveyorFruit SorterFruit WasherFruit Crushing MachineFruit Pulping Machine → Filter → Blending Storage TankSterilizer → Storage Tank → Filling and Packing Machine
Passion Fruit Pulp Processing Equipment Introduction
The passion fruit pulp processing machines are with simple structure, they are easy to operation. The fruit sorter can choose the specific passion fruits you desired. The fruit washer can wash fruits clean. The fruit crushing machine can crush the passion fruits by high speed rotating fly-cutter. The fruit pulping machine can mash the fruits into pulp quickly.
Passion Fruit Pulp Introduction
Passion fruit pulp tastes amazing when added to natural yogurt, ice creams, jam or jelly and desserts. Passion fruit pulp is rich in vitamins A and C and is a good source of potassium, carbohydrate, phosphorus and iron. The seeds are high in fiber content. Studies suggest that the passion fruit can fight anxiety, insomnia and asthma.

passion fruits pulp

passion fruit pulp



Passion Fruit Pulp Application
Passion fruit pulp can be used in a wide variety of food and beverage products. Passion fruit pulp can be used in making passion fruit juice, delectable sauces, desserts, candy, ice cream, sherbet, icing and filling for cakes, pies, cold fruit soup and even in cocktails.
Passion Fruit Pulp Market Prospect
The demand for passion fruit is going steadily up around the world. In Europe and North America, the demand for passion fruit juice is increasing constantly, they need to import large quantity of passion fruit pulp. So it is a sensible decision to introduce a passion fruit pulp processing line. It needs low investment and can return you high reward.

passion fruit pulp


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