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Plant Protein Beverage Processing Line

Plant Protein Beverage Processing Flowchart

plant protein drink line

Plant Protein Beverage Equipment Process System
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Plant Protein Beverage Production Line Application
The plant protein beverage processing line can be used to produce soy bean drinks, coconut milk,  almond milk, walnut milk and peanut milk drinks etc. They can be packaged to bottled drinks or boxed drinks.

Plant Protein Beverage Processing Line Advantages
● Easy and convenient operation
● Better environmental compliance
● Increased production types  
● Convenient CIP system, lower maintenance costs
● Low investment, high reward

plant protein drink processing line


Plant Protein Beverage Processing Equipment Introduction
The colloid mill can smash and grind raw materials. The high pressure homogenizer is used for homogenizing, refining and high-pressure conveying. The vacuum degasser can remove the gas adhering to the particulates to prevent them from floating, and improve the sterilization effect. The UHT sterilizer is used to sterilize by adopting UHT treatment method. The continuous spraying sterilizer is used for sterilization and cooling of the packaged plant protein beverage products.

Plant protein beverages are creamy drinks made from plant materials including nutlet, pulp and soy bean etc. The materials can be soy beans, peanuts, almonds, walnuts and coconuts etc. After processing and blending, they are sterilized and packaged to be creamy drinks.
Plant Protein Beverage Benefit
The plant protein drinks are popular with people for the characters of natural, nutrient and healthy. Plant protein drinks can provide power, protein, vitamin and mineral substance. They also contain functional ingredients that have good health-care effect. The mineral substance and trace elements in plant protein drinks can buffer the ill-effect of acid food.

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