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Tube UHT Aseptic Sterilizer Unit

Tube UHT Aseptic Sterilizer Unit
The tube UHT aseptic sterilizer, as the special one-time sterilization equipment of milk, fruit juice, beverage or similar fluid and materials, is the ideal equipment to extend quality guarantee period of the materials through sterilization and cooling. The tube UHT aseptic sterilizer is equipped with material pump, balance pump, CIP system, hot water system, temperature control and record instrument and electrical apparatus control system etc.

Tube UHT Aseptic Sterilizer Unit Features
● High heat efficiency. 90% of the heat can be recycled after heating the material.
● Temperature difference between the medium and the material is small.
● High automation. The process can be automatically controlled and recorded from CIP cleaning to pipe sterilization to material sterilization.
● Precise and reliable sterilizing temperature control.
● The inner wall of material tube adopts advanced polish technology.
● High security. The machine fittings all adopt reliable product system, and the steam, hot water and materials all with pressure protection and alarm system.
● The PLC control ensures the whole operation simplicity and accuracy .
● Easy to install, check up, disassemble and repair.

Tube UHT Aseptic Sterilizer Unit


Tube UHT Aseptic Sterilizer Unit

UHT Process
Ultra-high temperature (UHT) processing is the sterilization of food by heating it for an extremely short period, around one to two seconds, at a temperature exceeding 135℃. The UHT heat treatment time and temperature combination should be established based upon the product to be treated and its viscosity etc. The most common UHT product is milk, but the process is also used for fruit juices, cream, soy milk, yogurt, wine, soups, and stews. UHT products have typical shelf life of more than six months without refrigeration before open.

Products Processed with UHT
1. Liquid products: milk, juices, cream, yogurt, wine, salad dressings
2. Foods with discrete particles: baby foods, tomato products, fruits and vegetables juices, soups
3. Larger particles: stews


milk cream

fresh milk


Tube UHT Aseptic Sterilizer Unit Technical Parameter

Model GS-UHT-1(A) GS-UHT-2(A) GS-UHT-3(A) GS-UHT-4(A) GS-UHT-5(A)
Capacity 1000L/h 2000L/h 3000L/h 4000L/h 5000L/h
Material Inlet Temperature 5℃ 5℃ 5℃ 5℃ 5℃
Heat preservation time 4—15s 4—15s 4—15s 4—15s 4—15s
Sterilizing Temperature 95—125(138℃) 95—125(138℃) 95—125(138℃) 95—125(138℃) 95—125(138℃)
Material Outlet Temperature 4—20℃ 4—20℃ 4—20℃ 4—20℃ 4—20℃
Steam Pressure 0.4(0.6Mpa) 0.4(0.6Mpa) 0.4(0.6Mpa) 0.4(0.6Mpa) 0.4(0.6Mpa)
Steam Consumption 130kg/h 160kg/h 240kg/h 320kg/h 400kg/h
Compressed Air Pressure 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa
Compressed Air Consumption 50L/h 50L/h 50L/h 50L/h 50L/h
Size(without homogenizer) 3500*1600*1800(mm) 4500*2000*1900(mm) 4500*2500*2000(mm) 5000*2000*2000(mm) 5000*2000*2000(mm)
Power(without homogenizer) 8.75kw 12kw 18kw 21kw 25kw


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