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Continuous Spraying Sterilization

Continuous Spraying Sterilization
Continuous spraying sterilizer is widely used for sterilizing and cooling various bottled or canned fruit juice, electrolyte drink, liquor, other beverage and seasoning etc. As the professional manufacturer of water treatment equipment, Amisy can provide you high quality continuous spraying sterilizers with competitive price.
Continuous Spraying Sterilizer Working Principle
Adopt four periods of processing form: circulating warm water to preheat, circulating hot water to sterilize, circulating warm water to precool and cooling water to spray cool.

continuous sterilizing


Continuous Spraying Sterilization Features
●The equipment rack is made of quality stainless steel
●Compact integral structure, sanitary and aesthetic appearance
●Multi-process combination, reasonable technology
●The sterilization temperature can control automatically and the sterilization time can be adjusted
●The continuous spraying sterilizer can be designed according to the sterilization condition and output suggested by customers

sterilizing process


Continuous Spraying Sterilizer Performance
◆High quality plastic mesh belt chain plate can work long term under high temperature
◆Solid conical wide-angle nozzle, flow distributes evenly and stably
◆Constant temperature field
◆Adopt heat preservation technique, reduce energy consumption
◆Comprehensive utilization of various heat recovery technology, energy conservation and environmental protection
◆Temperature transmitter has high measurement accuracy (±0.5℃)
◆Sterilization temperature adopts PLC or PID control, various choices of sterilization temperature display/record models
◆Total processing time adopts frequency conversion control, can be adjusted according to productive technology
◆To the non-circular packaging products including PP bottles, plastic bags, roof paper boxes and tin cans, the spraying sterilizer equips automatic input and output material device, which can connect with the auto-conveying processing line smoothly.



Continuous Spraying Sterilizer Technical Parameter

Model PLS-1000 PLS-2000 PLS-3000 PLS-5000
The highest temperature 100℃ 100℃ 100℃ 100℃
Transferring belt width    1500mm 1500mm 1500mm 1500mm
Transferring belt speed 110-553mm/min 110-553mm/min 110-553mm/min 110-553mm/min
Heating steam pressure 0.4Mpa 0.4Mpa 0.4Mpa 0.4Mpa
Length of sterilization part 9000mm 16000mm 22000mm 32000mm
Length of precooling part 1200mm 1600mm 1800mm 2200mm
Length of cooling part  3000mm 5000mm 8000mm 10000mm
Heating recycling water volume 21m3 25m3 35m3 50m3
Power 9.6kw 10.6kw 13.6kw 16.5kw
Dimension 9880*2250*1735mm 17880*2250*1735mm 23800*2250*1735mm 34880*2250*1735mm


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